Bike and Scooter


Borrow on the top
and return at the bottom

We offer bikes and dirt scooters for rent at the top station of the chairlift Prima Express (Jáchymovská) with the return at the lower station of the chairlift Prima Express (Jáchymovská). You can also find accessories and various equipment for your safety and comfort.

Helm rental for free


Bike rental

Helm rental for free


Scooter rental

The rental at the top is open between 9:30 – 17:00. We require a refundable deposit according to the current price list for every rental.

+420 415 242 242

Package with chairlift

Mondraker bike

1 day ticket + Mondraker bike 1 950 CZK 1 240 CZK 3 000 CZK
1/2 day ticket + Mondraker bike (4 hours) 1 640 CZK 990 CZK 3 000 CZK

Scooter / Fatbike

1 ride + Scooter/Fatbike 500 CZK 330 CZK
2 rides + Scooter/Fatbike 930 CZK 620 CZK
1/2 day ticket + Scooter/Fatbike (4 hours) 1 220 CZK 790 CZK
1 day ticket + Scooter/Fatbike 1 470 CZK 940 CZK
  • Packages may be purchased at the cashdesk at the bottom and upper stations of Prima Express chairlift.
  • Bikes and scooters are rented and returned only in our marked rentals at the upper and bottom station of Prima Express chairlift.
  • Renting of bikes and scooters follows the regulations of Ski Klínovec Rental.

Rental price list


Adults (15+) Kids (6-14) Deposit
1 day 1 300 CZK 900 CZK 3 000 CZK
1/2 day 1 070 CZK 680 CZK 3 000 CZK


Adults (15+) Kids (6-14) Deposit
1 ride 310 CZK 230 CZK
2 rides 560 CZK 420 CZK
1/2 day 630 CZK 480 CZK
1 day 800 CZK 580 CZK


Helmet 60 CZK
Integral Helmet 200 CZK
Integral Helmet – 100% 300 CZK
Knee protectors 200 CZK
Elbow protectors 200 CZK
Spine protector 200 CZK

More info about Klínovec rental

The bike rental buildings are located both by the bottom and upper station of the chairlift (upper sttaion rental is next to the restaurant). Rentals are always open half an hour before the start of the chairlift operation and closes by the time of the end of the chairlift operation. We have Mondraker trail bikes and enduro bikes for rent. Also Kickbike offroad scooters are available.

Mondraker bikes models available: Mondraker Super Foxy Carbon RR, Foxy Carbon RR, Foxy Carbon R, Foxy R, Dune R and kids trail bike Factor.

Kickbike models available: FatMax, Freeride.

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